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Day 1 of our “Training Tournament” – Saturday, February 22 – has been CANCELED.  The cancellation will allow the fields to drain and dry out so as to be in the best possible shape for games schedule on Sunday, February 23.  If yuou have any questions or concerns, please contact KEN immediately.


It’s time to PLAY BALL !!

Our “Training Tournament” runs February 22 and 23 and will be held at Adams Park in Kennesaw.  There will be four fields in use, with six games on each field, at the following levels; one field of 6 & 7 year olds, one field of 9 year olds, and two fields of 10 year olds.  Please review the following information;

  1. All NEW Umpires – whether new to umpiring OR new to AIU – should *immediately* contact our President, KEN VANDERPOEL at 678-640-7956 with their availability for that weekend.  Plugging you into the schedule is the First Priority, since this is your chance to get out onto the field and learn without pressure or “consequences”.  The sooner you contact Ken, the sooner you’ll know your schedule and the faster Ken can complete the schedule for everyone else.

  2. All RETURNING Umpires – please wait a few days before contacting Ken with your availability.  This will give him time to plug in all the new guys so he knows where-&-when he will need *you* and your expertise!

  3. ALL UMPIRES should pull out their equipment and uniforms and examine them thoroughly for defects, cuts, rips, tears, breaks, missing piece(s), etc.  You can check with KEN for any clothing needs, along with *possible* equipment replacement.  Other resources are listed on our “Links” webpage.

  4. Tournament officials will have a copy of the tournament rules posted at all fields in each dugout.  EVERYONE should review these rules BEFORE the plate meeting.  The basis of the rules is the Dizzy Dean ruleset.  A copy of these rules can be reviewed/seen here.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact KEN VANDERPOEL at 678-640-7956  *OR* the Web Content Master, MICHAEL “Minnesota Mike” THIELEN, at 651-587-1716.


We’ll see you on the field!