Coronavirus Update

As of March 13, 2020, all AIU baseball umpiring was suspended indefinitely due to the cornoavirus pandemic.


At this time, many communities and organizations have implemented restrictions on their activities &/or suspended play altogether.  Directly affecting AIU operations are orders by the City of Atlanta and Cobb County.  Atlanta has issued a “stay at home” order effective through Monday, APRIL 6.  Cobb County has declared a state of emergency and ordered all residents to “shelter-in-place” through Wednesday, APRIL 15.  In addition, Gov. Brian Kemp has ordered all schools to be closed through Sunday, APRIL 26, and in-school instruction may resume on Monday, APRIL 27.  This now means that there will be no baseball until at least that date (of Monday, APRIL 27).


Please be sure to take all appropriate precautions to maintain your health and safety as well as help to prevent the virus from spreading further.  Again, there is NO baseball to umpire until at least Monday, APRIL 27.


We will continue to keep you informed and updated as things develop further.  If you have any questions, please contact Ken at 678-640-7956 or at or Michael “Minnesota Mike” Thielen, Web Content Master, at 651-587-1716 or at  We here at AIU hope that everyone has a safe, happy and healthy Easter!



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