With a summer program in the books and a full schedule of travel tournaments, youth baseball in the Cobb County area will begin sharing player time with local football and basketball programs, as well as the growing market in youth soccer and Lacrosse. Local park programs will begin fall league baseball after the Labor Day holiday.  Youth programs at our seven parks are looking forward to a season of cooler and drier evenings as ballplayers move up to the next age group and teams experiment with rosters to find the best positions for their players.  Fall league is focused on instruction rather than winning, and is often the most enjoyable time for kids to play baseball.


The 18+, 35+, 45+, and 55+ MABL/MSBL Atlanta leagues are winding down a full season of games and approaching end of season tournament play.  Most leagues will wrap up their season around Labor Day, with some interest in continuing into the fall with a short season league.  Contact the AIU office for information on joining a team for the fall.

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