Roger Ritchie Honored by Governor Deal

Veteran AIU umpire Roger Ritchie and his wife Pam have been selected as the 2016 Foster Caregivers of the Year by the Georgia Division of Family and Childrens Services. An annual award based upon outstanding service and dedication to children, this award highlights the exceptional character, sacrifice, and love for others that the Ritchie family has shown for over ten years. The Kennesaw residents have opened their home and family life to countless young people over the years, and at one time had five foster children with them at once. Pam gives additional service as a volunteer at the Services Center, and still stays in touch with many of the girls who have lived with them. About 50% of the foster children have been adopted, and Roger and Pam will be adopting a three year old soon. They currently have custody of six and ten year old girls until the age of 18. Having raised a daughter (now 23) and a son (22), the Ritchie household has always been a place of love, care, and nourishment for others outside their nuclear family. The Ritchies started in the foster parent program while seeking to adopt a child, and fell in love with the opportunity to serve so many other children. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and the First Lady will honor Roger and Pam on Monday, May 23 at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center. All of the AIU Family is proud to be associated with high quality individuals like Roger and Pam, and join the Governor in saluting their unselfish giving, and their providing a safe and protective environment for so many youth in a difficult transition stage of their lives. The same dedication to caring for youth can be seen on our ballfields, as Roger gives so much of his time and energy to providing the best environment for boys to enjoy the great game of baseball. To Roger and Pam, our heartfelt thanks and congratulations for “hitting one out of the park.”

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