Forms and procedures will be discussed and provided at the umpire training sessions. Each prospective umpire should determine his availability on a regular basis, and be sure to balance his full time responsibilities (school, work, home, other commitments) with the desire to umpire baseball games.

Scheduling of assignments is generally done well in advance, and – when possible – up to a month at a time.

At the beginning of the season, there may be a delay as not all park/game schedules are available at the same time. Differences in registration dates and finalized league schedules must be considered in building a master schedule for umpires.

Every effort will be made to accommodate locations to work which require minimum travel distance, and a combination of skill development and experience will impact the kind of schedule each umpire receives.

NOTE:  throughout the season there will be occasions in which last minute needs for umpires arise.  If you are  not scheduled for a date but are available ‘on call’ to work, please notify the Assigner.  Many good assignments can be added by being available on limited notice.