AIU has a stellar reputation as an organization which has well trained and well spoken members/officials.  That has not happened by accident.  Our members undergo rigorous annual training on the latest rules changes and interpretations, new rules, emphasis of-&-on rules, and variations between ballparks as well as between organizations.


Training for AIU umpires is scheduled every year during the winter months/break, typically mid-January to mid-to-late February.  It covers a wide range of topics and is run by AIU’s President, Ken Vanderpoel, along with any number of guest speakers.  Ken has over 50 years of involvement in many aspects of baseball, including working with Major League Baseball, Minor Leagues, college teams at multiple levels, college club teams, and independent baseball leagues.


To view the current year’s Training Schedule, click here.


In addition, AIU staff  have worked internationally with baseball groups, teams and organizations all over the world, both hosting and visiting many countries in eastern and western Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean nations. Our UIC in northeast metro leagues, Ron Allen, conducted the first ever baseball umpire training in Russia. AIU was honored to umpire the pre-Olympic tournament in the Southeastern USA for the 1996 Olympic Games.


In 2019, Don Dozier was named AIU Training Director. His resume is outstanding, and includes leadership for Little League International for many years. Don (D.J.) has served as an umpire at the Little League World Series at Williamsport, PA in addition to many other major events and tournaments for that organization and all others that AIU works with. His commitment to effective training methods has been widely recognized and he has compiled a Training Manual to assist new umpire candidates with accelerating the learning process. D.J. also provides continuing feedback as an observer/ evaluator for our association, ensuring that continued growth and development is promoted for all staff members.


If you have any questions regarding training in general, or taking our training and becoming an AIU Umpire, please contact Don Dozier, AIU Training Director, at 770-833-4662 or by email at  You can also contact the AIU office at 678-640-7956.