Baseball is back!



With each city and county deciding when the appropriate time to reopen fields for games, some youth travel tournaments and mens league games have begun in the Atlanta area.  The outlook appears at this time to be an early July restart for most programs, and summer travel ball teams are eager to regain ground lost to the pandemic restrictions.  Players, coaches, umpires, and fans are all well advised to continue practicing safe and cautious behaviors, including not shaking hands or making unnecessary physical contact, wearing of face masks when possible, frequent hand washing, and practicing common sense social distancing.  Even the pro sports who have begun workouts in preparation of resuming activities are adhering to these guidelines. The good news is there seems to be optimism that a return to more normal activities may not be far off.  For those who wish to wait until after the fall season to venture into team activities, we respect that decision and totally support your wishes.  For those who have followed proper guidelines and feel comfortable with an increased level of involvement in baseball, we offer our assistance to you as well.  Our local association (AIU) has always maintained that family needs have a much higher priority than recreational needs, and we stand by that commitment as we all seek a reasonable course of action with the game we love.  Hope to see you on the ballfield soon.   

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