Summer is here, and Baseball is trying to make it’s first appearance since March.  Some local communities (cities & counties) appear willing to open up their parks and fields more than others, and there is some confusion among parents as to what might be a safe environment and what might be a risk to the continued threat of the Virus.  Each family and each program must make the decision they are comfortable with, recognizing that we all wish to have our lives return to more normal routines.  A big thank you is owed to the tireless health professionals, the food supply workers, our nation’s truckers and transportation workers, law enforcement and community leaders who all have experienced more than their share of challenges during this time.  For a quick recap of AIU related activities, here is what is happening at this time:  The only Rec program that has opened with ball in our service area is Oregon Park, with their Sandlot Summer Program.  It is a scrimmage-type environment which does not require set teams, league operation, or have championships as a goal.  Just getting as many players out to work out once or twice a week has seen a very creative and fulfilling month long program begin.  Players are enjoying a form of baseball that reminds their parents of old time neighborhood gatherings which were clearly all about just having fun and enjoying the game.  Our men’s baseball began a limited schedule on June 13-14, with very few fields available for use to date.  Fathers Day weekend presents an additional challenge for them, but the summer looks brighter just knowing that real games are not far from becoming reality.  Some travel tournaments have begun, again with restrictions as to where open fields are accepting games.

As our professional leagues struggle with decisions regarding when and how to restart play, our local communities eagerly await the time when we can become active fans in person for their games as well.  A great big thank you to all those in positions of decision making who are tasked with balancing our need to become active on the diamonds again and the caution required to keep us all safe.  We will all get through this together and enjoy the greatest game, our National Pastime, Baseball.

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