Age Recommendation: There is no minimum or maximum age requirement, but strong consideration will be given to maturity, body composition, and appearance at all ages. There is a wide variance of success among individuals in becoming an umpire, and several factors influence the probability of achieving success. At AIU, we commit to provide opportunities for developing growth and achievement for new umpire candidates. In general, experience as a player is very helpful in understanding the game and having a feel for the responsibilities which will be required of an umpire.

Annual Membership Fee:  To join AIU, there is a one time fee of $40 per year, payable prior to receiving your first game assignment.

Independent Contractor Status:  All umpires are required to sign an agreement that they will work as an independent contractor, rather than an employee, of AIU. This includes acknowledgement that accurate reporting to government agencies of all compensation is their responsibility, and no withholding or other benefits will be deducted from their monthly earnings. 

Membership is available to new or experienced umpires.

For information, contact us via email to  or phone at 678-640-7956.