Let’s Play Ball! (2021 Edition)

Spring Baseball has started!!


For all AIU Umpires — if you have not done so already, please contact Ken and provide him with your availability for the month of March.  If you do not have it OR know it that far ahead, at least let him know what you can work through Sunday, March 14.  Both this weekend (March 5-7) AND the weekend of March 19-21 are “fully loaded” with games, including rec ball, travel ball, tournaments, and (as of March 20) men’s ball.  It is vital that you provide this information to Ken ahead of time so that he is able to give you ball on the days and times you are available.  Failure to do so means you will not get as much work nor receive assignments that you may want to work.


As always, be sure to review the rules and rule sets for whichever park, field or assignment you are working.  Links for all of the rule sets and specific park rules can be found here on the AIU.  In addition, we have a list of them which can be downloaded for you to refer to at any time.


We’ll see you on the field!


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