Life Temporarily Without Baseball

All of us are experiencing the same frustration with just about every area of our lives being directly affected by this global pandemic.  Having wonderful spring weather in Georgia makes it even more difficult to accept, since our recent experience has been to shift quickly from winter to summer.  We all miss the fellowship and athletic thrills of the game we  love, and are eager to welcome it’s return.  There is little we can do at this time to speed up the recovery process from a terrible disease, so as we face the challenge of each day waiting on news of getting back to normal, the best thing we can do is cherish additional family time and prepare for the days ahead when we meet again at ballfields.  This is also an excellent opportunity to read and study rules of the game, contact other officials and discuss plays, procedures, and receive helpful suggestions on how we can improve our time on the field as umpires.  Each of our park/league programs will have a slightly different approach to reopening, and we will respect all decisions made by their leadership.


AIU will be sending our mass communications to all our members (and prospective new members) as soon as it becomes available.  Please feel free to contact us for any ongoing concerns, and above all, stay safe during this trying time.


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